Homeware vs Household: Forskelle

Homeware vs Household: Forskelle

There are many shops that sell homeware or houshold items. But do you know the difference? If you see an indication that a shop sells homeware, do you know exactly what to expect? And how can you tell the two apart? The confusion is amplified by the fact that many shops that offer furniture, home décor and useful items for in and around your house sell both homeware and household items. Therefore we from BritainReviews thought it might be useful to provide an indication of which kind of items belong to which category. So you as a costumer always know what to expect in a certain shop!


Homeware shops are the shops that sell the larger items for around your home. These items cannot easily be carried around and moved to some other place. They mostly have a fixed place in your home. This category includes shops that sell beds and mattresses like Mattress Man and MattressNextDay, Hyde & Sleep and Mattress Online. But it also includes shops that sell furniture like The Sofa Company, Sofas and Stuff. Some companies focus on a special material or a special way of manufacturing. Examples of this are Wood and Beyond, Oak Furniture Solutions, Wedgewood, Canterburys Leather Sofas and The White Company. Also covered by this category are companies that deal in electronics, like for instance Conrad Electronics. They cover lightning like Lights4Fun, but also often all kinds of appliances that run on electricity. Homeware also means the kitchen companies that deal not in smaller kitchen things like kitchen utensils, but the larger appliances like fridges, freezers, mixers, microwaves, but also washing machines and tumble dryers. Shops that offer these kinds of things are, for instance, Sanctuary Bathrooms. And of course you have companies that sell lots of different things like Ideal World, House of Fraser and Furntastic. And this category contains the larger storage solutions like book cabinets, side tables, closets, wardrobes and other large pieces of furniture.


In contrast to Homeware, Household suppliers focus on the smaller items that you use in and around your home. The most common and well know example of this is household linen and other textiles. Your hand towels, tea towels, bed linen, table linen and beach towels all fall under this category. Shops that offer these kind of things are The Towel Shop, The Woolroom and Terry’s Fabrics. But it also includes home decoration, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, baking essentials and even smaller appliances like mixers and coffee machines. Although the furniture of Wegdwood belongs to homeware, its glassware, cups, tea sets, plates and other sets of dishes belonf to household. And household covers grocery shops like Tesco Groceries. So this is the category you should look at when you look for the smaller useful items to help you out around the house.

A Thin Line

Some companies fall in between these categories. What to do with, for instance, window blinds offered by shops like Blinds Direct Online or Direct Blinds? And the curtains from Woodyatt Curtains? And some shops that sell homeware like beds also have the household bed linen that come with it. We admit the line division between the two can be quite thin, but the guideline that we can give you is that larger appliances and furniture belong to homeware and the smaller thinks that you use around the house are household items.

Image: Mitch Bennett